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POST Covid-19 SAFARI HOLIDAY: Reasons Why Safari Holiday Travel is Good for everyone after Covid-19. The corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic devastatingly affected many people’s lives at all fronts throwing into disarray many future plans of individuals and economy of countries across the world. It brought down the travel industry to a stop forcing aviation industry to collapse thus forcing up lockdowns and shutdown of transport and flight operations. However, as things have started showing sign of return to normalcy it is time to start hoping for the best towards changing time as matters get better with a hope to get back to travelling once again. One of the things we have been able to learn from this pandemic is that personal liberty founded in freedom to travel is a fundamental human right enjoyable only when we are not bound by forces or calamities that can abruptly go beyond us at times.


During post covid-19 season what you need is a therapeutic holiday where you see very little of the havoc the disease made in your familiar surroundings so that your memory is refreshingly stabilized toward a peaceable adaptation to new changes to normal life! Since we believe in travel vacation as ‘an ideal healing recovery’ factor worthy of stabilizing an individual from effects of calamities like covid 19 case, we shall encourage you to go on a safari tour travel for a good emotional or mental health.


5 Reasons Why Safari Holiday Travel is Good after Covid-19

1. Change the environment,

Yes come out to see the world once again, travel as far away from home as possible! Coming out for outdoor safari activities do relax the mind and body; soothes the soul and helps you appreciate what the world outside offers for greater wellness of vibrant health to come back to normalcy – only possible in a changed environment!
In fact, for individual, families or group it is by travel change over that a desired healthy body can get back to its original fitness form.

2. Meet up the wild

By doing things that you rarely did in your “normal” days – with reconnecting to nature under outdoor/retreats to keep you off and make you leave ‘the disease – tainted past’ behind you. We offer here below some tours for greater Health and General Well-Being in post covid 19 time:

a) Natural Spas Immersion Safaris – Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo
b) Nature Outings including Cultural Walks – Masai Steps – Masai Mara
c) Biking and Horse-riding in Africa’s Wilderness Spots – Lake Naivasha
d) Hiking and Walking in the African Outback – Mt Longonot & Lake Naivasha
e) Watersports and Unique Fishing Trips- Lake Victoria, Diani beach – Mombasa

3.Assisting the tourism & travel industry

Your help to the safari tour world makes quite a lot of socio economic sense since after the world’s worst epidemic tourism and travel industry shrunk to its lowest ever. Many a number of players like tour operators, hotels, airlines, safari guides reliant on tourism have been heavily hit hard like never before and much assistance is required only realizable when people travel.
We encourage you to travel so that by doing so your efforts shall come a long way to support people who fell badly off under this sad experience globally.

4.Assisting the wildlife conservancies

Your travel trips ‘Africa safari ‘will help indirectly to support wildlife conservation people and assist local communities whose small businesses depend on the influx of tourist travelers. The money from tourism is used in the protection and promoting wildlife; ensuring security of the parks and welfare of wardens; so booking a safari after covid 19 is a contribution to the local touristic development.

5.Exploring the world with Hope of Understanding environment 

Forging ahead under the steam promised by your new interaction with nature in the untouched wilderness of Africa.
Coming out to see the wide wild world brings ability to expand one’s horizon on our natural habitat thus enabling social interaction of diverse minds on cultures and commerce in this recently devastated world.

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