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Travel Information


1. Passengers must have negative PCR based Covid-19 test carried out within 96 hours on arrival.
2. The mandatory Ministry of Health Travellers Health Surveillance online. The form must be filled and submitted prior to travel. The online form should be accessed from the Ministry of Health website:
3. After submitting the travel surveillance form, Passengers are advised to download the QR code. Passengers will be required to display the received QR codes to port health officials on arrival for them to be allowed to proceed to arrival immigration.
4. Locator forms to be completed and left with the operator for the purposes of traceability.


The list of approved States whose travellers are exempt from quarantine can be accessed here exempted countries.


The government of Kenya discontinued visa for arrival for all countries and replaced it with E-Visas. The procedure of application has now been modified and simplified to a user friendly mode that takes three simple steps. The E-Visa portal now has its dedicated website: Visa approval is being done real-time.

Health & Travel

  • Be ready to declare your truthful health history at any time // upon request
  • Declare your past (30 day) travel history upon request by different travel and health related bodied including us


  • Please be ready to provide a free Covid-19 test certificate
  • The certificate should be easy to check Authenticity
  • The certificate must not be more than 96 hours old

Personal Information

  • Different bodies along your travel route will require you to give private information
  • This information will include but not limited to passport/ID numbers and addresses
  • We (your tour operator) owe you a detailed truthful briefing of the situation on the ground during your travel arrangements

Body Temprature

  • Your temperature will be routinely checked before access to most facilities
  • Those facilities will have signage to show the relevant places and personale to carry out the Temperature checks
  • This temprature may at some places be recored along with your other information


  • Carry Personal PPEs including Masks and Gloves
  • Masks must be worn at all times when in a public place
  • SPAs and Health Clubs should provide relevant PPEs during service delivery
  • You have the right to demand that a service delivery person to wear a mask or/and gloves when serving you

Tour Vehicles

  • All tour vehicles must be regularly fumigated
  • Friends or Family can be carried without distancing in the vehicles
  • If sharing a vehicle with 'others' the vehicle capacity should be half the capacity - with a seat in between the occupants
  • All vehicles should working provide sanitation equipment


  • Hotels and lodges might increase the frequency of changing beddings
  • Shared dorms and camping areas will operate at a lower capacity (Recommended bed space is 5m2)
  • Buffets may not be offered as they encourage crowding and the sharing of crockery and cutlery is discouraged
  • Use of Pools and other recreational areas on hotels and other places shall be highly controlled at all times to ensure proper distancing


  • View points and curios are regarded as high risk areas and hence will be avoided
  • If making stopovers at view points or curio shops high caution must be observed
  • In line with minimising stopovers, Lunch or any on the way meals should be packed from the initial destination
  • In-the-park interactions with other visitors should be avoided unless necessary where PPEs and social distancing must be observed

To understand more on this check the Kenyan Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health, UNWTO and WHO  

What to Expect

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