Our Story – Onyesha Safaris – This is where we came from

Our Story

If you were raised in East Africa, in a country as alive and vibrant as Kenya, nestled deep inside the Great Rift Valley, you cannot escape its embrace wherever else in the world you travel or live. It pulls you back as if to say ‘let me nurture you again’; a call you just cannot ignore.

We grew up in this embrace, and after a lifetime of exploring its sweeping savannahs and lush forests pulsating with wildlife, trekking up and down equatorial snow-capped mountains and craters filled with tropical lakes, and being seduced by its stunning coral-ribboned white coasts, we could not resist the inexplicable yet natural urge to share this joy as far and wide as possible, and help travelers around the world experience the splendor of this magical place we call nyumbani (‘home’ in Swahili)

And because we are so attached to this land, and its immensely diverse ecosystems, we are deeply concerned about the degradation of our habitats and the alarming loss of wildlife and communities they support. As qualified and ardent conservationists, we’re committed to combat this damage, which in fact is the main driving force behind Onyesha Safaris. We’re not only eager to show you the beauty and wonder of this awe-inspiring wilderness, but also to remind us how fragile and threatened it is, and how critically it needs protection.

We strongly believe that tourism is one of the most effective tools in this endeavor. It not only helps generate local employment and much needed revenue, which can then be funneled into wildlife/nature conservation, but can go a long way in creating awareness about the vulnerability of our precious natural resources, our iconic wildlife and our ancient cultures.

So, that is how we got here, sons and daughters of this deep red soil, proudly holding out our hands to invite you into this warm embrace, to join us in this unforgettable journey of adventure and discovery, which will fill your soul and cleanse your spirit.

Nothing gives us more joy than to see the mesmerized smile on your face after a Safari, or to hear the words ‘I can’t wait to come back’ when we see you off. 

And for folks from Kenya, you know what we’re talking about!