Conservation – Onyesha Safaris


Protecting Biodiversity Through Tourism

It’s amazing how you can create positive change by just visiting a country. We believe that tourism is a powerful tool to induce virtuous cycles on many levels both ecologically and socially. It encourages communities to protect their ecosystems in sustainable ways, as they see them as assets to be protected for their own benefit as well as that of future generations.

We at Onyesha Safaris endeavor to support and enhance those cycles in the following ways:

  • -By putting responsible tourism at the center of our operations, and ensuring sustainability for the environment, ecosystems and local communities. We’re certified by Ecotourim Kenya as a sustainable travel and tourism company
  • -By supporting conservation efforts on the ground both through financial contribution as well as active engagement. Onyesha Safaris is a corporate member of the East African Wildlife Society, Wildlife Direct and other leading conservation NGOs.
  • -By returning part of our revenue to the communities that share their land with wildlife in order to help them protect their way of life and the ecosystems they inhabit.
  • -By raising awareness among children and young people about the value of wildlife through education and field trips to national parks and reserves.

The best part is that all of this happens because you visit Kenya, which not only allows us to share with you its spectacular landscape, biodiverse habitats and breathtaking wildlife, but lets you become a critical part of the effort to safeguard our priceless natural resources.