Safari is in our blood – Luxury Travel All over Kenya – Onyesha Safaris

Safari is in our blood

Onyesha means ‘to reveal’ in Swahili and we promise to show you the best of Kenya with unparalleled vigor born out of deep fondness for this beautiful land. Our journeys are highly personalized, which we will craft together with you keeping in mind only your wishes, priorities and taste.

Not only are we fully equipped with everything it takes to guarantee you an unforgettable Safari (including highly experienced and knowledgeable guides, top class 4wd Safari vehicles, carefully selected destinations and handpicked lodges), we take pride in going out of our way to ensure that your trip to Africa is unique and memorable.

When you travel with us, you don’t just observe the country through the window pane. You lace up your shoes, you get out of the car, take in the smells and sounds and colors; shake hands, respond to smiles and start conversations. You become part of this timeless place, which makes you want to keep it for eternity!

That is why we care deeply about protecting the habitats and cultures that you’re coming to experience, and feel a strong responsibility to safeguard these ecosystems for our future generations. In fact, that is at the heart of what we do, and why we’re doing it. We’re not only on our way to becoming a certified member of Ecotourism Kenya but are also closely involved with various community based conservation projects on the ground, and have committed to supporting these with part of the income that your visit helps us generate.

In short, we’re in the business of creating moments to be cherished forever. Whether you’re coming to Kenya for the first time, or returning to relive the memories, we will treat you like our personal guest and give you our very best service.

Classic Safaris

Let us journey together through some of Africa’s most quintessential wildlife areas, and experience what makes this land so special.

Budget Safaris

Onyesha Safaris accommodates lower budget travelers without compromising on the wildlife experience. You’d get the same dedicated service from our team including our skilled guides/drivers, with a choice of simple standard safari camps to rest in after a thrilling day in the park.

Short Safaris

For those pressed for time, we offer essential safari experiences that can fit in your business trip to Kenya or while in transit to other destinations.

Bush & Beach Safaris

Experience the best of Kenya on a safari that takes you from the wilderness in the Masai Mara to the white sandy beaches and crystal warm waters of the Indian Ocean