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'Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. Not yet subdued to man, its presence refreshes him' - Henry David Thoreau

With endless savannahs throbbing with wildlife, snow-covered mountains straddling the equator and heavenly beaches and lagoons, Kenya will free your spirit while leaving you hooked forever. So if you are ready to answer this call from Africa’s wild heart, we are waiting to take you on an awe-inspiring journey that will change your life in ways you’d never expect.

Let us build for you the adventure of your life-time, through places where time stands still, where dream and reality blend, and where people have a song for every moment. 

We are fully equipped with all that it takes to give you an unforgettable safari experience. This includes a deep knowledge of safari routes, wildlife and the most rewarding places. In addition, we have highly skilled and experienced tour guides who are passionate about sharing their intimate knowledge of Kenya’s ecosystems with the world.

With carefully selected destinations and handpicked lodges and hotels, we spare no effort in making sure that your trip to Africa is truly memorable.

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