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Vaccines and medical requirements to visit Kenya

The first thing is to make sure is that you’re up-to-date on all the routine vaccinations. Apart from that, all travelers coming from regions prone to yellow fever will be required to have a yellow fever vaccine certificate on them before being allowed entry into Kenya.
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Kenya Is Safe

During post covid-19 season what you need is a therapeutic holiday where you see very little of the havoc the disease made in your familiar surroundings so that your memory is refreshingly stabilized toward a peaceable adaptation to new changes to normal life! Since we believe in travel vacation as ‘an ideal healing recovery’ factor...
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Moving around in Kenya

Going to a foreign country usually comes with uncertainties and worries of finding some amenities. In this blog series, we guide you on what to expect as you come into Kenya whether for business or tourism.
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Masai Mara – Hot Air Baloon

Balloon Safaris begin in the still air at sunrise. As the first light sends a promising glow across the horizon at dawn, the balloon rises above the plains. The sensation of drifting above the world in silence is second only to the breath-taking views of the plains, forests, and The Mara River, drifting wherever the...
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